For more than two decades, the Super Ambulance Service has stood at the forefront, delivering exceptional Emergency Ambulance Services. Our expertise lies in providing cutting-edge care, boasting state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology within our Advanced Life Support (ALS) fleet. We uphold the highest standards in quality healthcare.

At the core of our mission lies the fundamental principles of first aid: to Preserve Life, Prevent Further Injury, and Promote Recovery. These principles, a cornerstone in medicine, find embodiment in the symbol of the “star of life.”

We provide any type of emergency medical service with our emergency ambulance service. Our Ambulance service includes Ventilator, ICU, Oxygen, AC, and non-AC ambulance

Ambulance related service

  • Ventilator ambulance
  • ICU ambulance
  • Oxygen ambulance
  • AC and non-AC ambulance
  • Body freezer attached to the ambulance
  • Body freezer on hire
  • Standby duty at public functions i.e. festivals, film shooting, sports, and national and international conferences.¬†
  • Duties during minister rallies
  • Duties during aircraft emergency landing and other emergencies
  • Embalming the dead body
  • Coffin box on demand
  • Transfer patient from one hospital to another hospital

Patient transport

Our firm does Patient Transport vehicles with higher standards and are well maintained. Our patient transport services are equipped with enormous facilities with proper care provided by well-trained professionals. We made our patient transport services look like Mobile ICU, which provides Safeguard and comfort to patients.