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Why Choose Super Ambulance

Our professional Ambulance Medical Aides (AMA) will ensure you receive only the best care for any medical emergency. Our professional staff will watch over your safety and well-being from the most severe trauma incident to personal non-emergency medical transport. We will be at your side within a heartbeat, bringing you the finest care possible.

At Super Ambulance, we understand the grave importance of time & quality medical care during an emergency. In most cases, these are the factors that can make or break a case

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Patient Transport Vehicle

Basic life support

Advance life support

Medical utility vehicle

The patient transport vehicle is a small van used to transport patients who are in stable condition and do not need anything more than oxygen.

Key Equipment

Super Ambulances are equipped with various tools and medical supplies to provide immediate care to patients.

  1. Hydraulic stretcher (large)
  2. Slide stretcher (small)
  3. Oxygen tanks and masks
  4. Extra seats for passengers
  5. First aid medical kit
  6. Basic drugs like painkillers, anti-allergens, etc.

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